Game Review : Angry Birds

Game Review: Angry Birds


Angry Birds
Price Updated 21 Feb 2011

FLINGING birds across the screen is a lot of fun. Angry Birds scores with well-design levels and excellent graphics, says NOOR HUSNA KHALID.

WHAT makes a bird angry? Try stealing its eggs and you´ll probably get a taste of the bird´s wrath.

Aptly named Angry Birds, this game features different types of birds whose sole mission is to kill thieving pigs. Why?

Once upon a time, a herd of evil, greedy but cowardly green pigs stole eggs from a flock of birds. This angered the birds and thus began their quest for revenge and to retrieve their precious eggs.

In the game, you will fling birds from a slingshot and destroy the pigs which, unfortunately, have fortified themselves in castles, buildings and barricades.

With a limited number and type of birds on hand, the game requires some imagination as you may need to find and aim at a specific part of the fortification, depending on the type of bird you are given.

Each bird comes with its own destructive power. There are high-speed kamikaze, fragmentation, explosive, boomerang birds and birds that drop explosive eggs.

The green hogs also come in different sizes - the bigger they are, the harder to kill. Some wear army helmets, safety helmets and cowboy hats, so make sure to use your birds wisely in order to get rid of all of them.

Although the game is similar to the iPhone version, the larger screen has more advantage as the adorable characters, clever animations and well designed levels come alive with vivid display.

Aiming is also easier on the iPad since your finger will not block out as much of the screen as it does on the iPhone. Angry Birds can´t be more simpler to play. Just touch the bird sitting on the slingshot, choose the intensity and angle of your throw, and release the bird.

Even though you have to flick the screen left and right when zoomed in, it is more practical to play while zoomed out as it gives you a larger picture in surveying the situation and lining up a shot - something difficult and almost impossible to do on the smaller iPhone screen.

With an onslaught of games available nowadays, Chillingo/Rovio´s vengeful and suicidal birds still top the charts as one of the best games ever made.

Since its initial release, Angry Birds has been upgraded to include more levels, bird types and hidden golden eggs. It also has a Halloween and Christmas edition.

The game does not have any soundtrack or background music, but the developer compensates with hilarious sound effects - chirping, squawking, grunting and snorting.

Angry Birds features more than 10 hours of gameplay with 120 levels and lots of replay value. It is fun, challenging and addictive as it requires logic, skills, imagination and plain brute force to crush those pesky pigs.

If you fail to kill the pigs, they will taunt you with their grunts, which sounds more like they´re mocking you. So who´s angry now?

by Noor Husna Khalid

Published Date : 21 February 2011

Source : New Straits Times

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